Light-O-Rama Jumpstart Atlanta 2012

By Light-O-Rama (other events)

Saturday, October 27 2012 9:00 AM 3:00 PM

New to Light-O-Rama products and feel overwhelmed? Do you only use Light-O-Rama products around the holiday season but it takes a few days to remember how to do things from last year? Are you the type that prefers some directed training instead of learning something new on your own? Do you have a sneaky suspicion there's a better way to use Light-O-Rama software and hardware?

What you need is an official Light-O-Rama JumpStart Training Class. We're coming to your city and renting a meeting room in an easy-to-find hotel. The class starts at 9:00 on Saturday morning and runs through 3:00pm with 30-45 minutes off for lunch.

The class will move fast giving an overview of the products, how things fit together and get you comfortable with the basics of sequencing lights to music. You'll be able to listen to and exchange ideas with others as well as benefit from the hard earned knowledge of the seasoned instructor running the class.

We used to think this class was for the new user but quickly found out even our experienced customers walk away with all sorts of tricks and techniques to make life easier. We always smile when an old-timer exclaims "I didn't know you could do that!"

The bottom line is the JumpStart class is designed to get you comfortable with Light-O-Rama products. You'll then dazzle your audience and get them talking to others so they'll bring back their friends to see what you have done again..

What will the JumpStart class cover?

In the morning, it's all about the hardware, meaning the stuff you can touch

  • Pro versus residential controlelrs. Prebuilt or build it yourself
  • LED or incandescent lighting and how it effects your design
  • Computer, standalone or Showtime Director control
  • Layout basics including data cables and wireless
  • DMX, RGB based Cosmic Color Ribbons/Pixels/Bulbs/Floods, etc.

You get an hour for lunch or you can hang around and quiz the instructor while he's eating a bologna sandwich.

In the afternoon, It's all about software, meaning the stuff you can't touch.

  • Hardware utility and basic troubleshooting
  • The Sequence Editor, simple animations to full musical masterpieces
  • The Visualizer
  • Simple Show Builder
  • The Verifier
  • SuperStar
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • General questions and answers

There's a lot of ground to cover in just a few hours. We recommend bringing your laptop/computer with the Light-O-Rama software already installed. We also suggest bringing a light controller so you can experiment on your own equipment and take the results home at the end of the day.


No outside food or drinks are allowed. Sharing copyrighted music is not permitted. No refunds within seven days of this event. There could be up to a 20% cancellation fee depending on when you cancel and the amount of fees we've already paid to the venue and order processing company.